At Polite in Public, we believe in taking photos that people love. We strive to create unforgettable shareable moments for your guests.

Polite in Public was founded in 2007 with a passion for creating unique event driven photo experiences. Our team has traveled the world taking photos at every kind of event and venue imaginable. We've been on the sides of mountains, inside cars, and even on boats. During the past ten years, we have captured over 2.2 Million images at more than 15,000 activations.


Polite in Public integrates Campaign Graphics, Messaging, Product imagery, and more. Our tools drive traffic, generate impressions and amplify the event experience. Every step of our process has branding touch points to maximize exposure. Give us a call today. Our team is dedicated to making your project goals a reality.


Everybody loves a photo booth. They’re fun! and a photo booth print is a fantastic keepsake for every kind of party. Ask our team about our ready made graphic templates, prop kits and catalog backdrops.

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